WATCH: Megyn Kelly Signs Off For Final Time at Fox, Look What She Says…

Megyn Kelly revealed this week that she is leaving Fox News.

She turned down a $100 million dollar package to stay and is heading for NBC.

Kelly was adored by Fox News viewers for many years but things definitely went south during the 2016 presidential election cycle.

There are a lot of conservatives out there who won’t be sad to see her go.

To be fair, she has a pretty big fan base as well.

Friday was her last show on Fox News and she delivered her last sign off to the viewers who have been watching her for over a decade.

From The Daily Caller:

Megyn Kelly said her final goodbye to viewers Friday night and said she was “better for having been here.”

The Fox News anchor got emotional as she talked about her time at the channel before she signed off for the last time on the network, promising her viewers she would see them “again soon.”


Are you sad to see Megyn go or is it a good move?