Trey Gowdy Just Received An Incredible Honor, You’ll Be Proud Of Him [Details]

Any way you look at it, Congressman Trey Gowdy of upstate South Carolina has had an incredible year. His ongoing, high-profile investigation into Hillary Clinton’s crimes with Benghazi and her email scandal brought her wrongdoings to light and helped derail her presidential aspirations.

At the same time Gowdy toppled Hillary Clinton in the election, he was reelected to his 4th term in Congress by a landslide. Beyond that, he was given a prominent role on President-Elect Donald Trump’s transition team. As if his year couldn’t get any better, Gowdy just got a major accolade.

Time magazine may have overlooked Gowdy as one of its finalists for “Man of the Year” but the Pulitzer Prize-winning The Post and Courier didn’t. It recently named Gowdy as one honoree on its prestigious year-end list of “Newsmakers”.

Gowdy received this honor together with fellow Republican lawmaker Tim Scott, who represents South Carolina in the U.S. Senate. Wrote The Post and Courier‘s Emma Dumain, “In addition to being friends, Scott and Gowdy have also teamed up professionally. During the presidential primary they traveled the country to support Florida Republican Marco Rubio. After a spate of shootings involving black men and white police officers, they launched a listening tour throughout the state, seeking frank conversations with individuals representing law enforcement and faith communities.”

Dumain added, “Going forward, there remains a chance Scott and Gowdy could pair up as governor and lieutenant governor candidates, though that door seems to be more closed than open for now. Whatever happens in 2017, their friendship won’t ebb. They dine together most evenings in Washington, D.C.” Do you think Gowdy deserves to be recognized as a top “Newsmaker” for 2016?


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