Trey Gowdy Just Announced What He Plans To Do To Hillary On January 21, It’s Incredible

Congressman Trey Gowdy, who proudly represents his district in upstate South Carolina, has been the center of much speculation when it comes to his role within the Presidential administration of Donald Trump.

His relationship to Trump was firmed up with the fact that he was named as an executive member of Trump’s Presidential transition team. This is a great honor, but people have been wondering how this would affect Gowdy’s duties as a congressman. Specifically, they wanted to know if this would take precedence over Gowdy’s ongoing investigation into Hillary Clinton’s criminal activities.

You’ll be pleased to hear that Trey Gowdy has not put the Hillary Clinton on the back burner. If anything, he has been ramping up his efforts to hold both Hillary and outgoing President Barack Hussein Obama accountable for their Benghazi crimes and other misdeeds during the final days of Obama’s Presidency.

Said Gowdy recently about his current plans to hold both Hillary and Obama accountable, talking about Obama’s idiotic report which attempts to distract attention away from what actually happened in Benghazi, “It is also riddled with factual inaccuracies, which not only does a disservice to the public but also does a disservice to the women and men who work for the Department of Defense.”

Continued Gowdy, speaking directly to Obama about Hillary, “That is your prerogative. It will not prevent this Committee from interviewing all witnesses who can help us write the final, definitive accounting of what happened before, during and after the attacks that killed four Americans in Benghazi and injured others. It will just prolong the investigation.”

Do you think Gowdy will get justice now, or is he simply biding his time until Trump assumes office?