Megyn Kelly Just Received Epic Payback For Smearing Trump The Whole Campaign, It’s Harsh

Fox News reporter Megyn Kelly devoted nearly the entirety of her 2016 to bashing Donald Trump in the hope that her friend Hillary Clinton would become President.

Guess what? It clearly didn’t work. If anything it backfired on Hillary, because it showed just how far Clinton and her campaign would go to manipulate the media. Now it’s payback time for Megyn.

Megyn recently attempted to capitalize on her newfound fame by writing a tell-all book about her experience covering the 2016 campaign.

She probably assumed that the book would be released just in time to tie in to Hillary Clinton’s transition team readying Hillary for the White House. Instead, the book, titled Settle for More, just comes off as a mistake.

Megyn’s book has been released to savage reviews from the critics, and response from the public has been even harsher. What do you think of Kelly’s new book? See below: