Obama family vacations have cost the taxpayers a pretty penny, millions of them actually. The last family vacation cost nearly 8 MILLION dollars just in travel expenses alone! It costs more than $210,000 per hour to operate Air force One, and the Hawaii trip took 36.9 hours of flight. That adds up to more than $7.7 million dollars..

The conservative group “Judicial watch” added up the numbers and found that president Obama and his family have spent 70 MILLION dollars just on travel!

Middle School Textbooks and Laptop Fee (Grades 5 through 8) $440
Upper School Textbooks $500 – $700
Bus Transportation (Optional) $900 one way
Daily trips between Washington, DC and Bethesda, MD campuses $1,325 round trip
Lower School Early Risers (Optional) $225 to $1000
Lower School Aftercare (Optional) 1 to 5 days per week $1500 to $5,775
Middle School Aftercare (Optional) $2,800
Most Americans can barely afford to feed their children thanks to Obama’s ridiculous policies, yet we are expected to pay nearly $100,000 a year to send his girls to the fanciest school in the country. That doesn’t seem fair…

To put that in perspective, the average cost for state residents at a public college is$9,410 per year. These numbers do not even include travel and security. With all costs taken into consideration, we are spending nearly a billion dollars for Sasha and Malia to get the royal treatment.

Michelle Obama was once quoted saying ” In order for all of us to get a little bit more, a whole bunch of us are going to have to give up a little something that we have.” So far the only “little something” the Obama’s have given us is more debt on our children’s shoulders.