Forget Russia! Reince Priebus Just Pointed Out Why Hillary Really Lost!

Hillary Clinton has not given up on the election even though she lost handedly to Donald Trump which became obvious when she joined Jill Stein’s hopeless recount efforts in the Rust Belt.

She also made several major mistakes during the election that caused her to lose so handedly. Insulting Trump’s supporters and calling them all deplorables only made her look worse, insulting Bernie Sanders supporters and calling them basement dwellers lost her votes from her own party, and not campaigning in the Rust Belt because she believed that she had it secured lost her the election.

Hillary Clinton lost every major battleground state and because of that she lost. Her strategy was poor combined with her horrible comments of over half the country how was she supposed to win?

Reince Priebus said exactly that during an interview on ABC’s This Week. He pushed back against the Russian hacking rumors and showed that the real reason that Hillary Clinton lost is because she just campaigned poorly.

George Stephanopoulos pushed him further on the release from the intelligence community and he shut them down on that too.

Priebus had this to say:

“The Russians didn’t tell Hillary Clinton to ignore Wisconsin and Michigan, okay?… She lost the election because her ideas were bad, she didn’t fit the electorate, she ignored states that she shouldn’t have, and Donald Trump was the change agent.”

The lies and rumors of the mainstream media and the lack of credibility from our government makes it hard to believe that there was any Russian involvement. The mixed reports and lack of direct linking between Russia and the election just goes to show that there is something going on behind the scenes.

The recounts didn’t show any interfering from the Russians, only that there was voter fraud with votes being counted up to six times in Democratic counties in Michigan.

Hillary Clinton needs to accept that she will never be elected again.