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John Kerry Hints at Sinister Plot to TAKE OUT President Trump

Less than a week after outgoing First Lady Michelle Obama openly called for rebellion against Trump, outgoing Secretary of State John Kerry hinted at a sinister plot to take out the next president. Kerry was speaking at the World Economic Forum in Geneva when he made the damning remarks. He referred to

BREAKING: Black Gang Issues Order… Murder All White Cops

In the wake of several highly publicized media accounts of the shooting deaths of blacks by white police officers, a violent street gang has decided that the time has come for them to take justice into their own hands — by murdering white cops. The Cuyhoga County Sheriff’s Office in northern

Journalist Claims Michelle Obama Is Transgender – Then This Happens

WDO Michelle Obama was humiliated this week when Infowars journalist Alex Jones accused her of being transgender. Ever since her husband took office, Michelle has been criticized for her butch and manly appearance. In the video below, you’ll see Jones discuss the evidence that points to her being born a man.