Breaking: Obama Just Got Caught In A $2.6 Billion Scandal, He Could Leave In Handcuffs

During President Barack Hussein Obama’s eight disastrous years as the nominal head of our country, he has been mired in numerous scandals and has been the guiding hand behind the introduction of several catastrophic government programs, most notably Obamacare.

Now that Obama is about to leave the White House for good (or, at least until Michelle Obama decides to run like Hillary did), most of these programs are about to get wiped clean by President Trump and Republicans in Congress. However, Obama may not be able to escape one scandal that he’s deeply implicated in, involving $2.6 billion that went missing.

According to reports, the United Sates Department of Agriculture (USDA) inspector general, who Obama himself appointed, just caught the deadbeats that Obama enabled stealing $2.6 billion in goods using the National Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), commonly known as food stamps.

Stated the inspector general’s office, “We found that 3,394 authorized SNAP retailers (retailers) used Social Security Numbers (SSN) that matched SSNs of deceased people. Additionally, 193 retailers listed owners who were not at least 18 years of age. While FNS did have some controls to edit or verify SNAP retail owner information, these controls were not adequate to ensure owner information accuracy.”

According to the Free Beacon, these food stamps were supposedly being used by 1,819 people who are known to be deceased, according to the Social Security “Death Master File.” As President, Obama expanded the food stamps program and it is now being used by 46 million people, or 15% of America’s population, the highest total ever. Are you excited for Obama to get kicked out of the White House?


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