Barack Hussein Has A Final “Surprise” For Americans Before He Leaves Office

In his eight years in power, President Barack Obama has done incalculable damage to American national security, our economy and our way of life.

Obama has been a profound failure when it comes to keeping our borders secure from illegal aliens, and data suggests that Obama has one last abominable action in store for us before he leaves office.

President-Elect Donald Trump wants to build a border wall with Mexico and deport the millions of undocumented foreigners who are inside our country and bleeding our economy dry.

Obama is scrambling to offset Trump’s plan, however, by encouraging and facilitating as many illegal aliens as possible to slip across our border while he still can.

In October alone, 46,197 illegal aliens were caught at the border, a dramatic increase from previous months. Just in October, he released 6,051 illegal immigrant children into American communities. Are you excited for Obama to leave the White House?